Active Analysis - CLIL


To make this artwork, Alberto Burri glued pieces of burlap onto the bright red-painted canvas, creating a marked raised contrast with the background.

This “relief” effect comes from the type of material, the burlap, and the fact that he overlapped several layers of the cloth which is torn so that the raised parts are even more prominent.

Look at the painting and answer the questions below.
 1  What did the artist use to create this work of art?
☐ Oil paints.
☐ Wool.
☐ Old burlap bags.
☐ Acrylic paints.
 2  Where did the artist place the burlap on the red surface?
☐ At the top.
☐ At the bottom.
☐ In the middle.
 3  So, how does the artwork seem?
☐ Well-balanced.
☐ Disorganized.

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InsegnArti - volume B
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